Social Welfare Fesoasoani Trust to help young offenders


BY Gerwin Polu

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 31 AUGUST 2016: A new organisation was launched today to help young offenders have new skills and maintain new lifestyles to keep them from re-offending.

One of the founders, Tofilau Palolo said the Social Welfare Fesoasoani Trust will work with the Probation Office, the courts and police in helping offenders secure a secure future.

The Trust will also provide training as part of the offenders rehabilitation and work on their cases so they can provide community service other than being jailed.

The Trust was launched this morning by the Prime Minister who congratulated those behind the trust and encouraged them to have the patience and care while dealing with the young offenders in working to build them a new life.

Tofilau says the Trust will provide advice to the young offenders, work with their parents as well as their church leaders and those in the offenders’ immediate environment.

Founding member, lawyer Pa’u Mulitalo is offering his services as a lawyer for offenders and families who may not afford legal fees fees. An accredited trainer at Massey University, he will also couple as a trainer to offer basic skills in carpentry, English, law, business and social work on Saturdays.

Lawyer Pa'u Mulitalo offering skills training and legal advice to young offenders

Lawyer and one of the Trusts founders Pa’u Mulitalo offering skills training and legal advice to young offenders

He says the Trust plans to work with the Samoa Qualifications Authority in the future to accredit certificates from their training for to secure offenders future employment and life progress.

The Trust is based at the old Lands and Titles Court, Mulinu’u and the launch was well attended by the Member of the Council of Deputies, Tuimaleali’ifano Sualavi, the Speaker of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers and trust supporters.



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