Stigmata girl to reveal Gods final message at end of August

Reverend Opapo Oeti and daughter Toaipuapuagā Opapo after they talked publicly for the first time in a major rally at the Catholic Cathedral, Mulivai at the end of April a few weeks after the stigmata occurrence.

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA: MONDAY 11 JULY 2016: The young Samoan woman who had the Stigmata occurrence since Easter this year, Toaipuapuagā Opapo, will reveal God’s final message at the end of August 2016, and she is expected to undergo agonizing pain when that day comes.

In the last several weeks, she has written on paper 18 messages in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic despite not having studied these languages. While recording these messages, she was in excruciating pain, but there was no blood in the places where the wounds previously appeared.

Her father, Elder Reverend Opapo Oeti of the Congregational Christian Church of Matautu, Falelatai called the media this week to publicize the latest revelations and messages which he believes will dispel some public views that these are the work of the devil.

“She is in a lot of pain every time she receives a message or vision,” Reverend Opapo explains when Toa started recording God’s messages in the Hebrew language.

“I feel pain in my head and I hear many voices speaking at the same time inside my head, some screaming and others talking as I try to listen for God’s message,” said Toaipuapuagā.

The pain she goes through is evident in the tears she shed, her moaning and the way she twisted her fingers as she raises her right hand upwards. Her other hand grabs the crucifix hanging from her neck then she grabs a pen and starts writing in Hebrew on paper.

Toa believes that when she feels pain that is a sign that it was God’s time, and her way of handling pain, is to “leave it up to God.”

God is using my hand to write his message
For the past several weeks, Toaipuapuagā has received many messages and whilst she has no idea what the messages mean or the fact that she does not understand the Hebrew language, she says “God is using my hand to write His message”.

Toa has recorded 18 messages and 6 of these were in the ancient Hebrew language, and were translated by teachers at the Malua Theological College. These translations were handed back to Reverend Opapo last month.

“There are also messages written in the Aramaic language, which surprised the Malua principal,” said Reverend Opapo as Aramaic is said to be the language Jesus spoke at his time.

Still colourCopies of the messages were also given to the Methodist and Catholic Church teachers and theologians for their own perusal and study.

But while Toa’s father had struggled to convince the doubting public since her daughters’ stigmata phenomenon, the written messages in Hebrew have been written by Toa in the presence of others including the Prime Minister and one in front of the Principal of the Malua Theological College.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa has sent the message recorded before him to a Jewish person in Wellington, and his translations are similar to that of the college, except for some words he could not translate.

Reverend Opapo said he is exposing these writings so that the public can draw their own conclusions if what Toa is doing is the work of God or the devil.

But significantly, is that Jesus spoke to Toa in Samoan.

Same Message as those of Sister Faustina
Translation of some of the messages, are the same as the messages in the diary of the Polish Catholic Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska who is an apostle of Divine Mercy and was canonized on April 30, 2000.

“The only difference is that Sister Faustina’s messages were written in English, and Toa’s messages were in Hebrew,” said Reverend Opapo.

The messages include God and Jesus names in Hebrew, Yahweh and “God’s wish for his daughter to tell the people of his (God) love for them.”

Still002Message at the end of August
Reverend Opapo, his daughter and family are prepared for the vision that the messages in August will bring as her daughter has been told. He said they are preparing for that day, although he has no idea how, but to trust in God.

Toa said she has been told that would come with pain and suffering. Her message is for “the people to repent as God continues to reveal His love for mankind to be saved.”

Reverend Opapo says the underlying message is for the people and the world to be at peace and the fact that the messages are similar as revealed through Saint Faustina, a Catholic and his daughter who is an ordinary person of the Congregationalist faith, reveals that Gods message and Love transcends church and human differences.

Reverend Opapo says that they will reveal more after the messages expected at the end of August.

He says it is planned that the stigmata occurrence, the visions, revelations and messages as conveyed through Toaipuapuagā will be compiled in a book.