Surgicorps Bids Farewell to Samoa, Promises to Return


Part of the Surgicorps with local medical staff 

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 02 MARCH 2018: Surgicorps International and the National Health Service changed over 80 lives for the better this week as a result of  free, intensive surgical and medical care to people in need.

Surgicorps Medical Professionals and Motootua Hospital personnel screened 145 patients and performed surgery on at least 85 of them.  The doctors repaired facial and hand deformities and removed countless skin cancers, moles, and irregular growths.

Founder Jack Demos and International Mission Director Linda Esposto were both impressed with the professionalism, competence, and willingness of the local NHS staff to work in collaboration with the Surgicorps team.  “We don’t always receive as warm a welcome as we did here in Samoa.  It was a relief to work in such a well-equipped hospital with such friendly staff willing to work with us in every phase,” said Ms. Esposto.

Surgicorps also donated unused surgical medical supplies for NHS use, as well as toys, clothes, and teddy bears for the children’s ward.  Their goal is to not deplete, but to help replenish stocks of supplies and equipment when they visit a country.

The non-profit, United States based team is hopeful to return in 2019 to treat even more patients.