Survivor of the fatal car accident testified that Leslie was driving

Leslie Kolhase outside court

By Tulifau Auva’a

APIA: WEDNESDAY 30 JULY 2014: The sole survivor of the car accident that killed two youths last year testified that the defendant Leslie Kolhase was driving the car at the time of accident.

The witness Fa’atoia Tupu, 21 years old of Sinamoga was the key witness for the Prosecution’s case against Leslie who has denied the charges.

Fa’atoia told the Court yesterday the events that led up to the time of the incident at Vailoa, Faleata.

He also testified that it was Leslie who drove the car from the time they left an after party at Le Well up to the time of the incident.

Fa’atoia told the Court that he and Risale, one of the deceased were riding at the back of Leslie’s land cruiser truck.

The other deceased Thesarus Heather was riding in the front with Leslie.

Fa’atoia and Risale were enjoying a night out at Y-Not bar when he ran into Leslie, Simon To’omalatai and Christina Paul.

When the club closed, they went looking for an after party and they found it at Le Well premises.

They bought more drinks at Togafu’afu’a before heading off to Le well.

Fa’atoia said Leslie gave him money to buy a bottle of Jim Beam.

The party at Le well was too loud and police were called to disburse the crowd.

Fa’atoia said Leslie was too drunk to drive so he and the deceased persuaded her to let one of them drive, but she refused.

With Leslie behind the wheel, Fa’atoia and Risale jumped on the back of the truck with Thesaurus climbing on the passenger seat next to Leslie.

He said the car was driving at high speed from Vaimoso through the Lepea traffic lights.

“We tried (with Risale) banging on the side of the truck to get Leslies attention that she was driving too fast and she did not hear us,” said Fa’atoia.

He described how he and Risale were hanging on to the side of the truck for balance.

“I was afraid and worried,” said Fa’atoia.

He told the Court that he lost consciousness as the car was zigzagging from lane to lane and did not know when the car rolled over.

“I woke up later to see lots of people bending over me saying that I was one of the passengers.”

He continues to take the witness stand today.