Take care of your elderly parents as it’s a blessing, says Catholic Sister

Some of the parents at the Home for the Aged being entertained by visitors before last Christmas

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 09 JANUARY 2019: A Samoan Nun of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Sister Telesia Lafaele-Utuoaluga is reminding the children of Samoa, that it is a blessing from God if they take care and look after their aged parents.

Sister Telesia who served at the Home for the Aged at Mapuifagalele for more than 5 years, is currently on a mission in Malaysia and she is in Samoa for the holidays. Her message is for the children to take care of their elderly parents.

According to Sister Telesia, the number of the elderly has grown over the last five years. She said the Little Sisters of the Poor are doing a marvelous job of taking care of them at Mapuifagalele and the centre has served its purpose well for the country and the people of Samoa.

“However, we must be mindful that it is not a place just to drop them off and leave them there. We can take good care of them, we give them all the love we have, but we can never replace their children,” she said.

“Their children always have a place in their hearts.”

Sister Telesia Lafaele-Utuoaluga

Over the last 5 years, Sister Telesia witnessed some families who placed their elderly parents at Mapuifagalele and seldom return to visit them at the Home.

“I urge families, if they can take care of their aged parents please do so, unless they cannot take care of them at their homes, then they can bring them in to Mapuifagalele.”

Sister Telesia is serving the same mission in Malaysia – taking care of the elderly and she said it is not the same with her work in Samoa.

“Malaysia is an Islamic country. They do not like the Christians and we are very careful with what we do. The elderly we look after are those without families.”

Despite the problems, Sister Telesia remains faithful to the Lord. “We pray every day and with our faith in God, our work is much easier.”

Sister Telesia just wished more young Samoan girls join their mission. She leaves Samoa next week to return to her mission.