Tama Uli Band – UB40

Tama Uli was founded by broadcaster & journalist Lance Polu in 1981 when he was unemployed when he joined the workers strike in 1981 that dragged on for 3 months. He wrote most of the Tama Uli songs which given the time and circumstances,  were highly political and some of the songs were banned from Radio for over twenty years.

Of the original Tama Uli line up, Lance Polu is the last of the original members as three migrated overseas and became ‘men of the cloth’ – faifeaus. A phenomenon that inspired the Lance Polu song Empticrites (1985) with the chorus: Too many Empticrites coming through my way, Too many Hypocrites walking through my day, What we need is Love, What we seek is the Truth, What we seek is the Truth, the Truth in every man“.

The line up for the opening of the UB40 Concert on Samoa’s 50th Independence celebrations, 1 June 2012 at the Apia Park Stadium,  drew on older son – Lancelot Polu on bass guitar, younger son Gerwin Polu on lead guitar, and cousins Taua’i Tavita Nafo’i on keyboards, Lila Fese’eta’i on drums and Lance Polu on acoustic guitar.

Away from the music Lancelot is a graphic artist, designer and webmaster; Gerwin is an avionics engineer; Lila Fese’eta’i has toured the world with the Magic Circus of Samoa and Taua’i Tavita Nafoi is an arts graduate (music) formerly of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The songs in the performance include:

1. Sua Sua Mai le Tai (Changes) chant with Lance Polu’s original slack key and merged with

2. Aue! (Tribute to the Departed) ( 2003)

3. Olaga Fou (New Beginning) from the first Tama Uli album (1981)

4. Samoa Ala Mai (Samoa Wake Up) 1985 Le Mau a Samoa album

5. Le Mau a (Pule) Samoa – the Independence Song (1985)

Tama Uli with its new line up, is now working on a full 2-hour live concert that will feature all the Bands original music.

Our apologies for the quality of the video which was recorded by a fan during concert using a Sony Ericsson Xperia mobile phone. The still photos capture a closer look at ourselves during the concert. Do drop us a line!!!!

Love and God bless,

Tama Uli Management