Tautua Samoa to launch “Tautua Lelei” newspaper

The Tautua Samoa Leader Palusalue Faapo 11

By Tupu Tialavea

APIA: TUESDAY 09 JUNE 2015: The Opposition Party, Tautua Samoa is gearing up to launch their newspaper “Tautua Lelei” on the 03rd July 2015.

Tautua Samoa leader Palusalue Faapo 11 confirmed the venture in an interview today.

“The newspaper project is part of the party’s campaign effort to boost issues before the general election next year,” said Palusalue.

He said that the 24 pages newspaper comes out fortnightly with a circulation of 2,000.

It’s contents will be on current issues, the party’s press releases, sensitive issues, and public opinions, said Palusalue.

“We will also use the newspaper to launch our candidates and manifesto,” said Palusalue.

He said there won’t be an editorial section but is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.

Two weeks ago, Tautua Samoa had their annual general meeting where they launched their website and face book.

The newspaper contents will also be posted on the website where the party candidates profile are already on.

“In September, Tautua will launch its manifesto and also candidates for the 2016 election,” said Palusalue.

Asked how the party’s fairing on their women candidates campaign, Palusalue said “good”.

“We have 10 women candidates at the moment and we are taking it by the day,” he said.

The newspaper according to Palusalue will be a vehicle to drive their election campaign and he is confident that the newspaper will survive.

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