Tender for ship for Tokelau out

Sea-Tow Pacific Basin Matua

Sea-Tow Pacific Basin Matua

APIA: FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2013: Tokelau is closer to getting a new ship that meets the transport needs of their three islands.

The go-ahead for the tender for such a vessel to be declared has been given.

“Applications for tender will be closed on the 7th of April,” a release from the Tokelau Apia Liaison Office, says.

The specifications for the vessel were worked out last December in a workshop with representatives of villages.

The New Zealand Government, which administers Tokelau appointed, appointed a marine engineering company to design a concept for the vessel based on the information gathered at the December workshop.

“The vessel will be 40-50 metres long; have seating capacity for 60 people, with speed limited to only 12 knots,” the liaison officer says.

For now the vessel, Sea-Tow Pacific Basin Matua, provides domestic transportation in Tokelau and between the island nation and Apia.

“The new shipping vessel is part of the Total Transport Solution Project under the Tokelau National Strategic Plan development goals.”

The tender can be viewed on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tender System (GETS): www.gets.govt.nz

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