Thailand and Samoan businesses discuss Private Sector investment


Samoa’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, Leasi Tommy Scanlan, (3rd from Left) Thailand’s Ambassador HE Maris Sangiampongsa, SAME President Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with members of the SAME Executive

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 02 AUGUST 2017: The President of the Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters –Tautaituasivi Tagaloa Eddie Wilson and a delegation of 12 SAME member companies met with a high level delegation from the Government and private sector of Thailand this week and discussed trade between Samoa and Thailand. The discussions covered Private Sector cooperation and Investment, Agricultural & private sector development.

Samoa’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, Leasi Tommy Scanlan, introduced the Thailand delegation that was led by HE Ambassador Maris Sangiampongsa.

The Thailand government hosted 6 SAME member companies that visited various manufacturing and export enterprises in Thailand 7th to 14th September 2016.

The SAME President said one of the initiatives that SAME launched following the visit to Thailand was the development of the SAME-Samoa Export Plan 2016-2020 which was launched in December 2016.

The Export Plan highlights key areas the Samoa Exporters will be targeting – including Fisheries/Agricultural export value added items.

The Thailand delegation requested from SAME Champion products and companies that Thailand can assist through its Technical assistance.

The SAME President pointed to the Samoa Export Plan as the connection between Samoan Exporters and 80% of the Samoan population which by and large depend on the land and sea for their livelihood.

The meeting also discussed trade and investment initiatives between the Thailand Private Sector and the Samoan Private sector.

The Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters membership have an increasing interest in learning from trade and private sector developments in Thailand especially in the areas of trade, export development, agro-tourism and Investment.

Opportunities to link exporters to other countries in the Pacific to grow their markets and attract interest from Asian Investors were also discussed.

A leading Thailand manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable plastics also made a presentation to the Samoan exporters and gained a significant level of interest in the use of biodegradable packaging for all locally manufactured products going into the future.

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