Ti’avea Village received tools for sustainable farm development


Members of project and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment with members of the Ti’avea Village and some of the tools presented yesterday

BY Natu Samuelu Tafunai.

APIA, SAMOA: WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2017: The predominantly agricultural village of Ti’avea yesterday received farm equipment from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Valued at $30,000 talā, the equipment included wheelbarrows, shovels, crowbars and others to supplement what the farmers already have.

This is part of the strengthening of multi-sectoral and management of critic landscape in Samoa by supporting and assisting develop the capacity of farmers to implement sustainable land management or sustainable agriculture and farms.

The project is one of the Government platforms to develop sustainable farms in villages and Tiavea started off to be the first village to receive such tools.

Afele Faiilagi of the project explained that they have implemented training on sustainable and good agricultural practices and community based training that looks at all aspects of sustainable land management to build the capacity and raise the awareness of farmers on land management.

“This is why these tools have been delivered to Ti’avea because of their farmers who have received the required trainings,” he said.

Ti’avea village chief Tuiavi’i Poloma Eteuati acknowledged the resources presented by the Ministry so that Ti’avea will be first village to start performing this platform under the programme.

“We really appreciate this handover and we look forward for the Ministry to visit and inspect the results of our work later this year” said Tuiavi’i.

There are one hundred and twenty six villages around Samoa that are includes in the five year project and the Ministry of Natural resources is working to deliver similar equipment to all of these villages.