Tokai University to Formalise Exchange Program with National University of Samoa

PHOTO: Japan’s Ambassador to Samoa H.E. Maugaoleatuolo Aoki (middle) welcoming Nobuyoshi Kamigochi (Vice Capt), Captain Naoyuki Araki, Vice Chancellor Dr. Kasunari Yoshida and Honami Kosuga of Tokai University onboard the Bosel Maru Research vessel at the Apia Port this morning.

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 7 MARCH 2019: The Tokai University of Japan and the National University of Samoa will formalise an exchange program tomorrow when the two universities meets at the NUS campus.

The Vice Chancellor of the Department of Precision Engineering at Tokai University, Dr. Kasunari Yoshida landed in Samoa this morning with a delegation of 98 students onboard the Research and Training Vessel “Bosel Maru”.

The students are doing research on various fields in the Pacific and it is the fourth time the Tokai university students have visited Samoa.

“We do research on many subjects such as medical, marine science, engineering, telecommunications, law, humanities, and tourism and are all relate to climate change,” said Yoshida.

The Bosel Maru research vessel in the Apia port for three days

Tokai University was established in 1942 on the basis of “Public Education System For All” and has been carrying out research mission around the world for 50 years and have visited Samoa four times.

This time they hope to learn more about Samoan culture and tomorrow, they will be welcomed in a traditional Samoan Ava ceremony at NUS.

“It is a great opportunity for us to interact with students and faculty members of NUS,” said Yoshida.

The research will contribute to the voice of the Pacific in the world summits on the issue of climate change.

The delegation was welcomed onboard the Bosel Maru by Japan’s Ambassador to Samoa, Maugaoleatuolo Aoki.

“This is a friendship and peaceful ship, and Japan has offered various assistance to Samoa. But it is important to have a mutual understanding between us, especially the younger generation as future leaders. I hope we can all learn from this exchange,” said Maugaoleatuolo

The Ambassador, who has taken on a Samoan traditional title, spoke highly of Samoa and the importance of her culture.

The Bosel Maru will be in Samoa for three days.

Tokai University has 17 other chambers (universities) around the world.