Tokelauans emotional at launch of theme song for SIDS

Well known island musician Danny Rae Costello and Ulu of Tokelau, Aliki Faipule Kuresa Nasau at the launching of “My Tokelau”

By Tulifau Auvaa

APIA: TUESDAY 26 AUGUST 2014: “My Tokelau” the Tokelau island theme song for the Small Islands Developing States conference next week depicts what Tokelau is going through and its struggle to survive.

The Tokelau Ulu Aliki Faipule Kuresa Nasau hopes to present the song during the conference.

“I believe that Tokelauans and friends of Tokelau everywhere can celebrate another milestone in our journey, he said at the launch ion Apia today.

Well known singer/songwriter now back in Samoa, Danny Rae Costello wrote and sang the song “My Tokelau”.

“I want to acknowledge Mr Danny Rae Costello and his team, who have worked tirelessly to bring the hearts and souls of Tokelau into SIDS here in Samoa,” said Mr. Nasau.

“It’s about localizing and understanding global issues such as the sustainability of our vulnerable island in the face of Climate Change, national disasters, exploitation of our oceans, and the unsustainable use of our environment,” said Mr. Costello.

Mr. Nasau also hopes the song will encourage all to work together.

“I know that Tokelauans and friends of Tokelau everywhere will share in the pride of what we can accomplish through initiatives such as the one demonstrated through today’s launch and commencement of our SIDS engagement,” said Mr. Nasau.

Tokelau congratulates the Government and the people of Samoa for their role in bringing the world to this part of the region.

He said it is an opportunity for the Pacific to highlight shared issues and ensuring a safer and sustainable future for our region and beyond.

The Tokelau community came together to watch the launching of the video and the song at the office of the Tokelau Affairs this afternoon, and as the chorus was being sung, an emotional Mr. Nasau wiped off a tear.

The song’s Chorus

My Tokelau you are always in our heart. Forever I will call you home.
And never shall we part. My Tokelau united we will stand
As you and I walk hand in hand through hope and love for our homeland.

“Tokelau did not choose to become Tokelauans, it was God’ will,” said and emotional Kuresa Nasau.