Top Samoan International Model, Sam Tautua teams up with Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show

“Make sure this is your passion before pursuing it, as the road is challenging and to carve out a career in modeling , requires belief that this is part of your purpose, a great positive attitude to learning and growing”

Sam Tautua is a name that is unheard of locally, yet he is quite popular on the international scene.  When you think of Hollywood famous island men, “the Rock”- Dwayne Johnson is the most common face that comes to mind! Now, we can add “Sam Tautua” to this list.

Blessed with great genetics, lean, tall, fit with beautiful eyes and hair that looks salon ready, it’s not hard to see why this gorgeous Samoan man is successful today.

Sam Tautua is coming to Samoa, teaming up with the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show (SSSFS) and will be sharing his experiences with the fashion industry. He hopes to inspire and motivate others who are thinking of joining the modeling industry.

To date, Sam Tautua is Samoa’s most successful international runway model, being the first Pacific islander to walk for London Fashion Week 2012, a Nominee for Britain’s finest Male Model of the year (2012) and the face for Australian Tourism among his many accomplishments.

This son of Samoa, is from the villages of Faleasiu and Fasito’o and even growing up in Australia, he’s held Samoa very close to his heart. He is not only a qualified real estate agent but also a certified TV presenter who worked for numerous fashion and media channels before he was propelled into the world of fashion.

He has modeled for some of the most famous runways, peered out from the cover of magazines and has been modeling for global brands such as BMW,  Marlboro, MacDonald’s, FORD Motor Co., Budlight beer,  Nissan,  Sony and many others.

And Sam Tautua is coming to Samoa. Come spend an evening with the celebrity and Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show Team. Check the details below!
This event is opened to the public as we invite all designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, registered models and their families to hear great advice.
SSFS’s exclusive interview with the celebrity himself!

Tell us about your family:
My mother, Talaimanu Leiataua is from Fasito’o-uta and my father Isaia Tautua is from Faleasiu. I come from a big family. My siblings (Losa Quintal, Tony Tautua, Pasi Tautua, Johnny Leiataua, Danny Su’a and Yvonne Su’a)

How did you get into modeling?
I was discovered by an agent while I was interviewing designers at Sydney Fashion Week 2010.

Best aspect of Modeling:
I get to travel the globe and explore countries modeling. It’s a lot of fun and much to explore. Such an adventure.

What  you wish you knew before you first started out:
How to be super healthy and fit. I was already healthy and fit but this inspired me to expand my knowledge on nutrition and physical goals. I grew up typically on Samoan food,  eating whatever I wanted, so it was a whole new lifestyle change.

Most grateful
That I’m a working Model. I don’t take that for granted one bit, the industry can be very hard for a lot of people to get work, so I am very grateful that I get to work.

Colour that best describes you:
Silver … I have Silver Fox goals when I’m a little older lol.

 The best part about being a model
The fun we have on set. We get to model these brilliant brands & embody our vision of the character or the energy it takes to market the product. I find that fascinating & fun.

Does your Samoan culture play a role in how you work as a model?
A lot! I tell everyone that I’m Samoan, because in Hollywood, you really don’t run into a lot of Polynesians in the industry. Everyone knows “The Rock”, that’s it. The casting calls are very specific ie. Black models, white models, Italian or Ethnically Ambiguous. I get called in for Ethnically Ambiguous or Eurasian roles a lot. I take pride in telling them I’m Samoan/ Australian. It’s a great point of difference and they remember it.

Signature outfit
I like to slip on a pair of slim fit jeans, white or black-tshirt with my brown boots. I always feel casually ready for anything in this.

International fashion shows/brands/designers you’ve modeled for:
Show: London Fashion Week,Urban Fashion Week UK, Westfields Australia’s biggest Runway Show Brand: Brooks Brothers, BMW, Marlboro, McDonalds, FORD Motor Co., Budlight beer, Nissan ..Sony

3 favourite clothing brands.
Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Prada.

Advice for aspiring models
Make sure this is your passion before pursuing it, as the road is challenging and to carve out a career in it, requires belief that this is part of your purpose.  A a great positive attitude to learning and growing.

When you audition for modeling jobs, what’s the most important tip to remember

I share spiritual audition techniques on my Instagram. I believe besides taking care of yourself physically and mentally, the energy we bring to the audition room makes a big difference. So be mindful of the energy we bring to the room, it is always caught on camera  felt by the people viewing the footage.

Challenges you’ve faced as a model
Rejection is a big part of it. A lot of people get very sensitive or loose focus after going through a lot of auditions, or not being called into auditions. Asking oneself after each audition, what could I have learnt from this? what can I do better? These will always have you looking at auditions as an opportunity for growth as opposed to rejection.

One thing people misunderstand about you
Not sure really? Don’t really care lol. There’s this saying that’s stuck with me… “what people think about me, is none of my business”. I understand we all have our unique perceptions in life, so I don’t give energy towards what is understood about me.

What is the next step for you?
I run my own Metaphysical / Spiritual business where I help clients develop their own Life Purpose through intuition & obtaining the tools & awareness that will help them create the lives they want. I see a show around this & am currently living in Hollywood, aligning myself with the opportunities at hand.

You believe in?
That we are vibrational spiritual beings, here to co-create with the source of all that is.  I believe that one must eat great hamburgers every now and then mmmmmm

You want to be remembered for:
I want to be remembered for contributing to a platform, providing tools and awareness that can help people recognise the life they came to live and to experience that.

Your current project:
It’s secret squirrel stuff at this stage, but I can say it has something to do with my Metaphysical / Spiritual background and it’s on the Entertainment platform…….we will have to wait and see …. I am also in the process of writing my very own Metaphysical Book.

Will you retire and move onto something else?
Great question, not sure to be honest? I like to think I wouldn’t, but something tells me other things will take priority.

You wish someone asked?
Can Samoans really model internationally and is there room for them in the Western World? my answer : HELL YES!!! I’m doing it, so you can too!!

Any other fun facts about you that you’d like to include?
I’m a Metaphysician (google it lol), most people don’t know what that is. I’m a foodie, so I LOVE food, especially my Samoan food, mostly my mother’s sapasui & kale mmmmm. Most people think I don’t eat much, but I tell ya, I can eat lol & really, I like to be silly & just have FUN, most people get that about me.

For More information:

  • Do you want to meet Sam Tautua, the top model?
  • Do you have questions about the fashion and modelling industry?
  • You are invited to an evening with Sam Tautua, 13th April, 7;00pm, Taumeasina Island Resort. See you there!

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