Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector Plan, Corporate Plan and Website Launch


The CEO of the Ministry of Trade, Commerce & Industry, Pulotu Lyndon Chu Ling with sector partners at the triple launch today 

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 25 JANUARY 2018: The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour kicked off the works for 2018 with the launch today of new strategic tools intended to further boost the economy of Samoa.

The three critical initiatives include:

  • The ‘2nd Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector Plan 2017/18-2021
  • The Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour’s Corporate Plan 2016/17-2020
  • The newly revamped website for MCIL.

The Ministry has taken a considerable time to planning and developing these three strategic initiatives being launched today.

The three initiatives – co-funded by the Government of Samoa and the Enhanced Integrated Framework – are strategic, timely and complement each other.  E.I.F, launched in 1997 – is a collaborative agreement among the EIF partners (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, International Trade Centre and United Nations Development Program, etc) to address trade related development challenges by mainstreaming trade into the National Development Plans.

The Trade, Commerce & Manufacturing Sector Plan 2017/18-2021, sets its vision in promoting ‘sustainable trade, commerce and manufacturing for enhanced growth and development’.  Moreover, the TCM-SPs mission is to ‘Maximize gains from trade and enhance private sector development, to increase income generation opportunities for sustainable livelihoods’.  This is one of Samoa’s Strategic tools for delivering public and private partnership interventions in the Economic Sector, and it aims to promote sustainable and inclusive growth as well as economic diversification and transformation in Samoa.  It builds upon the work of the previous plan, the Strategy for the Development of Samoa (SDS) 2016/17-2019/20, Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU) 2016, the Samoa National Employment Policy (SNEP) 2016, the Corporate Plans of Sector Implementing Agencies and the numerous studies and reviews conducted by the Sector over the past five years.

For the Ministry’s Corporate Plan 2016/17-2019/20, its development was based on the TCM-SP key objectives.  The CP will provide strategic direction for the Ministry for the next five years.  The strategic objective of this plan is well aligned to the SDS and focuses on improving the quality of life for the people of Samoa.  The effective implementation of the plan is expected to contribute to the continuation of the Government’s efforts in developing the private sector and to provide an enabling environment for business development, in order to create employment opportunities and improve the quality for all.

The last initiative, the revamping of the Ministry’s website, aims to provide a more user friendly portal for all its clients, stakeholders and members of the community to visit and seek information on the various services the ministry is offering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a click of a button.  The new layout focuses on the ministry’s key services from employment services, investment promotion and industry development, consumer protection, business registration, intellectual properties, the Recognize Seasonal Employment scheme and the work of the Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing Sector.

The Government through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, remains committed towards strengthening partnerships with our co-partners of the government, the private sector, Non-Government Organizations and our development partners. The Ministry intends to continue on this path through continuous improvement in policy, procedures aimed at increased employment, as well as identifying new strategies, to attract both local and foreign investors to establish new business thus providing jobs for our local people.

The Ministry acknowledges and extends its sincere gratitude to the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) and donor partners under the Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing Sector who have greatly contributed towards the funding of these three initiatives. MCIL also commends the work of the Team of Consultants for the Technical Support rendered in the formulation of these three projects.

MCIL conveys its gratitude to all government Ministries and Corporations, the Business community and everyone who contributed to these crucial activities.