Triplet delivered successfully at Moto’otua hospital


The triplet delivered successfully at Moto’otua hospital

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA THURSDAY 08 FEBRUARY 2018:  The successful delivery of a girls triplet at the Moto’otua hospital Monday this week means future triplets will no longer require overseas trips for the mother to deliver.

Jacinta Siaosi a 28 year old mother of Matautu, Lefaga and Sataua gave birth to her triplets at Moto’otua hospital on Monday this week making it the first since the new hospital was built.

Head of the Paediatric Ward at the hospital, Ulugia Dr. Tito Kamu told Talamua, “The Siaosi triplets is the first to be delivered in Samoa since the last delivery 10 years ago, where only one of the babies survived and from then on, triplet cases were transferred overseas.”

The young mother is well as well as the youngest of the triplets, while the eldest and the second child are in the nursery under observation.

“I was told my two babies are being closely watched, because they are under weight,” said Siaosi. The eldest is 1.9kg, second is 2.3kg and the youngest is 2.5 kg which is the normal weight for new born babies.

According to Dr. Kamu, when Jacinta was admitted at the hospital it was too late for preparations for her to be sent her overseas.

“She was rushed to the theatre to be operated on, but she gave birth before the operation.”

Jacinta Siaosi and her triplets, with Ulugia Dr. Tito Kamu, and two Registered Nurses

The arrival of the triplets makes it 5 children for Mr and Mrs Siaosi. The father said he and his wife were surprised after her scan at the Family Health where she was told that she had a triplet. This was a shock because her previous scans at the District Hospital said there was only one child.

“My husband was shocked too but he was very happy when he realized what was happening.”

But Jacinta’s mother has a different story. “I did not believe it, and I did not want to believe it when I was first told, because I wanted to wait until I see it. Now I can talk about my babies because I know it is real.”

Jacinta has three other siblings, and her family has no history of twins or triplets except “my husband’s sister – my sister in law has twins.”

Jacinta’s family at Matautu, Lefaga and Sataua are waiting anxiously for the mother and the babies to come home.

“Some of my relatives have already approached me, if they can adopt one child, but I said no, I can manage to take care for my triplets and my other two.”

Her children are girls aged 3 and 2 years old.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kamu congratulates his midwifery team for a successful job, adding “we share the same birthday, February 5th with the mother and I must say she is a strong woman and I wish her well.”

Jacinta with her two daughters and her mother Avalua

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