Two Salelologa men jailed for vandalizing the market

Vandalizing the stalls at the Salelologa caught on video and the roadblock that resulted from the differences between the Salelologa and Salelavalu village youth

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA SAMOA – THURSDAY 09 AUGUST 2018: The two men who were involved in vandalizing the Salelologa market in May this year have been jailed for nine months and the third ordered to pay a court fine.

Junior Pauli Mark 31 years and 22 year old Tony Fiu Tafea were sentenced to 9 months imprisonment on the charges of intentional damage.

Tony Fiu Tafea escaped a custodial sentence but ordered by the court to pay $200 tala before 4 o’clock and not to reappear in court within 12 months.

The trio was identified by police on a video clip posted on social media as they destroyed and damaged food stalls at Salelologa market. The stalls were owned by some women from Salelavalu village and by doing so created fear in members of the public. The three were also armed with dangerous weapons including a gun and a rock.

The incident was sparked by a dispute between the youths of Salelologa and Salelavalu villages and the defendants went to the market at Salelologa and started ransacking food stalls owned by Salelavalu villagers.

The court was packed with relatives of the trio for sentencing and many shed tears outside the court when the jail sentences were pronounced.

Viliamu Fagaese (second from left) and Junior Pauli Mark (right) are comforted by relatives outside court

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