Unhappy parents and students continue to bombard the Education office


Unhappy and worried parents and students pushing to get answers from the Ministry of Education

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 31 JANUARY 2017: Unhappy parents and students are still bombarding the office of the Ministry of Education complaining about the results of the Samoa School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) and the Samoa School Certificate (SSC).

The parents and students are concerned as the exam results determine this years’ course of study for many students whether they qualify for Year 13 and university.

“It is not fair for our children to work so hard throughout the year, then found out their efforts were all for nothing,” said a disappointed mother Aisiga Fata.

It is two weeks since the Minister of Education made a public apology to parents and students for the ‘human error’ in their 2016 exam results. Minister Loau Keneti Sio also re assured parents and students that the errors have been addressed.

“I thought they (MESC) have corrected the results, but they have not,”Aisiga Fata told Talamua today.

He said his daughters Internal Assessment (IA) result remains zero.

Leapai’s daughter who attends Vaimauga College, also records zero in her IA.“But luckily for her, her marks and grades are good in other subjects that qualify her for Year 13.”

“It is not easy to do research for these IAs, and my daughter had to travel to Lefaga and Savai’i for her research, and that cost money and time,” said Leapai.

Leapai said the Vaimauga principal, armed with all her students files met with the MESC officials and showed them all the IA’s sent to their office.

“MESC blamed the system, then the teachers, but that was proven wrong when the principal showed them the file that was sent to them,” said Leapai.

Two weeks ago MESC Chief Executive Officer admitted that the system was the cause of the problem, which prompted the Minister of Education, Loau Keneti Sio to apologize publicly.

Several parents assumed after the admission and the apology, the ministry would add the IA results to the exam results, however, as of today, that has not been done.

“There are no changes to the marks, and that is ridiculous,” said Fata.

Her concern is that these results determine the chances of these students to Year 13 and University.

Attempts to get a comment from the CEO were unsuccessful as she was in a “very important meeting today and tomorrow, and will leave for overseas on Thursday,” said her secretary.

MESC media officer Syrene Fesolai could not provide any updates on the issue as “only the CEO can respond to that.”

Parents and students lining outside the Education offices at Malifa this afternoon

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