US Embassy welcomes Matt Catingub and the Mavis Rivers Tribute Band

The United States Ambassador for New Zealand and Samoa, Scott Brown and Gail Brown, welcoming Matt Catingub and the Mavis Rivers Tribute Band

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 09 NOVEMBER 2018: Award winning jazz musician and composer La’auli Matt Catingub and the Mavis Rivers Tribute Band were welcomed last night by the United States Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, Mr. Scott Brown and his good lady Gail Brown.

Invited guests were treated to a pre cursor to the bands tribute concert tomorrow night to La’auli’s late mother Mavis Chloe Rivers who passed away in 1992.

Mavis Chloe Rivers (1929-1992), who was once referred to by Frank Senatra as “the purest voice” in jazz, was well known in many countries. She was born in Apia and as La’auli Matt Catingub told it, he was in her mother’s tummy when Mavis recorded her first album in 1959 with Reprise Records owned by Frank Sinatra.

Matt Catingub on keyboards

“So that was my first recording session,” he told the audience.

The concert honouring Mavis Rivers will be held at the Taumeasina Island Resort on Saturday evening 10 November.

La‘auli Matt Catingub, is a Grammy award winning musician and composer in his own right. He was accompanied by three musicians from the U.S., Steve Moretti, Kevin Axt, and Christina Souza, along with two musicians from New Zealand, Mike Booth and Andrew Hall.

This program is part of the U.S. Embassy, Apia’s annual Arts Envoy Program designed to share the best of the U.S. arts community with the world. The program sends American arts professionals– including performing artists, visual artists, poets, playwrights, theatrical and film directors, curators, and others– overseas to conduct workshops, give performances, and mentor young people. The program seeks to connect with international publics who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with American arts professionals.

Christina Souza on vocals with Matt Catingub and the Mavis Rivers Tribute jazzing up the night at the U.S. Embassy Reception