UTOS to pay out $3.9 million to unitholders


APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 16 JUNE 2017: The Unit Trust of Samoa, (UTOS) has declared the highest dividend in its seven-year history, with unitholders eligible to receive their fair share of $3.9 million tala in July.

Announced at a press conference today to present a dividend payment of $1 million tala from Bluesky Samoa, UTOS Chief Executive Sa’u Justina Sa’u says that the dividend distribution of 9 sene per unit was approved by the Board of Directors’ meeting in June.

“The distribution is equivalent to 9% of a tala invested in the Fund. And the total amount expected to be paid to unitholders is $3.9 million tala,” she explained.

“Presently there are 1,928 unitholders who are entitled to the dividend payment and they have a choice to either reinvest their benefits from the dividend into their accounts or have their shares from the dividend paid out.”

UTOS Chief Executive Sa’u Justina Sa’u

Unitholders will be able to check their investment balance and dividend amount online starting 17 July 2017. Established by the government in 2010 as a way to provide an investment vehicle for Samoans, UTOS have been paying dividends to its unitholders since.

UTOS unit holders have slowly but surely increased over the years with the number of local and overseas based Samoans investing in the trust with 192,837 unitholders now registered compared to only 200 when it first started.

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