Vaisigano River Green Climate Catchment Project pushes on


Photos of the Vaisigano River Green Climate Catchment Project under construction


APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 2 FEBRUARY 2018: Construction of the Vaisigano Catchment Area project has recommenced with contractors back to work 48 hours after the recent Cyclone Gita.

The project is funded by the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Samoa. Its target is to strengthen the adaptive capacity and reduce exposure to climate risks faced by vulnerable communities and infrastructure in the Vaisigano River catchment.
This region is home to Samoa’s highest concentration of public infrastructure such as hydro stations, bridges, roads, schools, hospitals, and government buildings; as well as private homes and businesses.

Specifically, the project will help the Government enhance its capacities and information base to pursue an integrated approach to reducing vulnerability to flood-related risks; flood-proof key infrastructure in the Vaisigano River catchment; and upgrade downstream areas to increase river capacity and allow for the more rapid outflow of flood waters.

Other climate change resilience government initiatives includes the reconstruction of the Leone Bridges funded by the World Bank and Government of Australia, Vaisigano Bridge funded by the Government of Japan and all the hydropower schemes along the Vaisigano area funded through the Asian Development Bank. 

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