Visitor Arrivals dropped in April

Lance Polu

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Cruise-liners becoming a growing part of the tourism industry

APIA: 17 June 2010: Visitors’ arrival to Samoa for April 2010 recorded a decrease of 13.3% compared to April 2009. Visitor numbers from core markets such as New Zealand, Australia and American Samoa all dropped for the period under review.

The Samoa Tourism Authority says New Zealand remained the leading market with 43% and has brought in the bulk of Holiday and Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR). American Samoa and Australia followed New Zealand as primary markets with 20% and 14% respectively.

Despite decreases in VFR & Holiday visitors compared to April 2009, they remained as the leading purposes of travel for the period under review with 35% each followed by Business with 8%. Sports registered the lowest share of 2% whereas those who were here for other matters made up 20%.

“Also noted, our national carrier Polynesian Blue brought in the majority of VFR visitors while Air NZ took care of the Holiday traffic and both carriers brought in 66% of the total visitors for the period under review,” says the STA Report.


  • Top three markets– NZ 43%, American Samoa 20% and Australia 14%
  • Purpose of Visit Category – dominated by VFR and Holiday visitors with 35% each
  • Places of Stay – Private Facilities 57%, Hotels 31% and Not Stated 12%
  • Main Carriers – Air NZ and PolyBlue dominating the traveling traffic with a total share of 66%
  • Active traveling age group – 25-64
  • April Arrivals decreased by 13.3% over April 2009.