“We did not come all this way to lose” says German Rugby Manager

The German Rugby Team Manager, Kobus Pozgzeter 

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 29 JUNE 2018: The German rugby team did not come all the way to Samoa to lose.

Team Manager, Kobus Pozgzeter told Talamua today that the match against Manu Samoa tomorrow is equally important to their team as they also want to qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

“We did not fly all this way to lose,” said Pozgzeter. “We want to win, so we are definitely giving our 100% effort and it is not an easy task.”

Germany beat Portugal before quietly slipping into Samoa last Sunday. They kept a low profile while getting used to the weather and for the players to get enough rest before Saturday.

“We are looking forward to Saturday’s game,” Pozgzeter told Talamua. “Samoa is a very strong team and even though they have not had the best results over the last few months, they are a very good team, very physical, and they have some good individual players.”

Like any other team, Pozgzeter and coaching staff have been studying the Samoan team. “We have done our homework a bit, and I think we will do some special things on Saturday by putting pressure on Samoa in some special areas or otherwise we will find ourselves in trouble.”

The German rugby team

Even though it was a long way to fly to Samoa, Kobus and team are aware are aware of what had been said about their team ahead of Saturday.

“We did not fly a long way to come to Samoa to lose. We want to win, so we are definitely giving our 100% best effort, it is not an easy task, but if we build on their mistakes and utilise it well, then we are going to do well.”

Kobus also made reference to remarks by the Prime Minister about their team as lacking experience.

“I heard about it, and I think it is very easy to say something about it, because we have not had media coverage and other things since we arrived. But rugby in Germany has been building from strength to strength in the last few years. We worked really hard to build a good team, and we are very close to break the top 20 on the tournament table and Germany is coming close to the RWC tournament both in 15’s and Sevens.”

Team Captain Julius Nostadt says his team is ready to take on the Manu Samoa.

“Manu Samoa is a good team and we’re looking forward to Saturday’s match. I know the home crowd is an advantage against us, but we have been studying very closely their playing game, and come Saturday, may the best team win.”

“This is our first step to qualify for RWC, and my team will take our chance to win, if not then at least there will be another chance in November,” added skipper Nostadt.

Samoa is currently ranked 17 on the world rugby standings and Germany is ranked 22.

Saturday’s match is a must win for Manu Samoa. If it does, it will go to Pool A which already includes Ireland, Russia, Scotland and hosts Japan.

In very strong words to the team early this week, the Prime Minister and Union Chairman told the team to resign if they lose Saturdays match.

German Rugby Team Captain Julius Nostadt and Team Manager Kobus Pozgzeter