Weather office warns of more rain as flood advisory remains


Effect of heavy rains around the Saleufi area in Apia 

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 09 FEBRUARY 2017:  The Meteorology office has warned of more heavy rain as the flooding advisory remains for the group.

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Meteorology Division, Mulipola Ausetalia Titimaea said 472.8mm was recorded from last nights heavy rains and said Samoa will continue to experience heavy rains up to April.

The four rain monitoring equipment stationed around Upolu Island, all recorded more than 100mm of heavy rain last night.

The Le Mafa monitor -114.4mm, Alafua monitor – 134.6mm, Apia monitor – 105.0mm and the Fugalei monitor -118.8mm.

“We are in the active convergence of zones as evident in the high range of rainfalls,” explained Mulipola.

He also said due to the low range of clouds, the country will experience strong winds from time to time, especially on the coastal areas.

“There is a convergence on the Southern side of Fiji which connects to the convergence zone on the Southern side of Samoa,” he said.

Fiji is currently facing flooding problems due to heavy rain.

He confirmed that Samoa will experience only rainfalls and the public has been warned to stay away from riversides and lowland areas.

No cyclones
Mulipola assured the country that no cyclone is heading or brewing near Samoa, but did say that a low pressure of convergence is located at the south side of Noumea, New Caledonia.

Flooding in town
The residents of the low-lying areas easily affected by flooding such as Saleufi, Fugalei and Apia again prepared for the worst when water levels started to rise last night.

The warning of heavy rains and flooding is still effect for the whole of Samoa.

Police are consistently patrolling low-lying areas and warning families to prepare to vacate when their safety is affected by rising water levels.

Warnings have also been issued to parents to monitor their children and keep them in house.