Western Union goes “Over the Top”

FEXCO Western Union staff at the launching of “Over The Top” programme photo courtesy Iniini Newspaper

FEXCO Western Union staff at the launching of “Over The Top” programme
photo courtesy Iniini Newspaper

by Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 21TH JUNE 2013: Twenty years of service and still striving for the best.

That is the motto adopted by FEXCO Western Union for its “Over The Top” competition launched last night for the company’s “dedicated locations and frontline agents.”

The quarterly competition starts next month with the finale on June 2014.

Competitors will be assessed  on: the  top transaction in the three months period,  top domestic location  in the three months period, most improved location, best Western Union customer service and most outstanding “Over The Top” FEXCO  FLA.

The individual competition focuses on  customer participation through suggestion  boxes , mystery shopping, face book feedback, walk and call ins and FEXCO Head office  compliance, finance and  participation.

An unknown shopper from overseas will visit all locations pretending to be a customer to test out the service provided.

“WE do not know when this shopper will arrive or who this person is,” said Analosa Ale Molio’o, Deputy Manager of FEXCO Western Union.

On competition alert are all 26 sub agents around the country – the activity a part of celebrating FEXCO Western Union 20th anniversary since its establishment in 1993.

“The growth for another 20 years is guaranteed with the key role of remittances in the development  of Samoa’s economy and the continuous development both in the private  and public sector,” said Molio’o.

She said the company aims to “develop proactively  to create and design resolutions to improve  and meet financial services needs.”

“Over The Top” programme is a take from New Zealand Western Union “Top Gun” programme.

Both programmes are named after two popular movies .

“The message within these movies is the motivation for all that everything is possible, the sky is the limit and you can surpass the top if you value and put your heart in it,” said Molio’o.