Wilex Samoa launches new dairy free coconut chocolates for export


The Chocolate making Wilsons: Nathan, father Tagaloa Eddie and mum Carol with sister Grace at the launching of their new chocolate brands

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER 2017: There is a popular saying “Life is a box of Chocolates! You never know what you’re gonna get” and Wilex Samoa has launched a new range of Chocolate Boxes to add to its ever popular KOKO LOA line of chocolates. Its 3 new products- aimed for the local, tourist and export markets.

The 3 new products are:

  1. The “Dairy Free” Milk Coconut Chocolate – is a first of its kind in the world- and is a delicious products targeting the Vegan Market as well as health foods markets. “We developed this chocolate after numerous requests from our “Vegetarian and vegan community” as well as surveys carried out at the Auckland, Food Show held in July where Koko Loa displayed some of its products.
  2. The Koko Loa Assorted Gift Pack of Chocolates is simply divine! “The Gift Packs were inspired by our customers feedback saying they wanted something slightly bigger to show off Samoa to family and friends, we’ve worked tirelessly with our design people in Wellington, NZ to bring you this beautiful packaging masterpiece. The new packaging arrived last week and we’re so excited for our Farmers, Retailers and also Our Employees as if Sales pan out we will definitely need more employees. We promise it is quality chocolate. Still proudly produced here in Lelata by our 20+ staff. Wilex strives to give an exquisite taste of Samoa with nuts and fruits to tickle your taste buds! Koko Loa was just launched in American Samoa last week- and so far support has been overwhelming, with resulting orders now being sent over.
  3. Koko Loa Macadamia Gift Pack is now being produced here due to popular demand by our American and Asian Customers. Wilex hopes to use existing Samoan Macadamia and nut trees for these products to encourage and support small farming communities. “This will provide an extra source of income for our people, instead of going to New Zealand and Australia, we want to encourage our people to stay in Samoa and farm our land” said Tagaloa Eddie Wilson.

    Tagaloa Eddie and Carol Wilson

    Wilex Samoa has a network with over 300 farmers /families since the mid 1990s, and plans to continue local production are ongoing.“Our farmers are 2nd – 3rd generation Wilex Farmers, I worked with their grandparents and parents to develop their farms and now they’re teaching there children as well, so the more success Wilex sees so will their farmers,” said Tagaloa who founded the Koko Loa brand.

    Koko Loa is a ‘play’ on his chiefly title Tagaloa – a God of our ancestor. “Thus, Koko Loa is Heaven Sent according to the chocolate founder.