Witness declared hostile in incest case

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Pierre Slicer.

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Pierre Slicer.

by Lagi Keresoma

APIA: WEDNESDAY 26 JUNE 2013: A witness in an incest trial was declared hostile by Justice Pierre Slicer in the Supreme Court today.

Ioane Vilivili, 40, of Falefa, a Prosecution witness today contradicted most of the contents of his signed statement to Police.

In his statement Vilivili said he knew what had happened between the defendant and his (defendant’s) daughter on the morning of 13th May 2013.

In Court today, he said what he told the police was wrong.

The witness is the defendant’s nephew.

The witness also said in evidence today that his family had had a meeting on Monday 24th June 2013 and this morning.

Present at both meetings were his aunties, uncles, cousins and the defendant.

“Was the meeting particularly for the court case?” he was asked by the Prosecution.

“I do not know because I was at the back doing chores,” Vilivili said.

“I put it to you that you knew what was discussed at the meeting  this morning,” the Prosecution asked him.

The witness said no.

Asked if members of his family knew he was a witness, Vilivili said “yes.”

Asked if he recalled the incident complained of, he said no.

He also denied the presence of Police at his family at Falefa after the alleged incident.

“The witness is declared hostile against the Prosecution for his denial he heard the family discussion and  his lack of  knowledge of the police presence at his family,” said Justice Slicer.

Justice Slicer after conferring with Prosecution declared the witness hostile but gave him a chance to respond to his signed statement.

The trial continues.

Both defendant and the complainant’s names are suppressed.

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