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Defendant Lua Aiga who was identified as Fa’amanu by a Police officer in court.

Defendant Lua Aiga who was identified as Fa’amanu by a Police officer in court.

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: TUESDAY 7 MAY 2013: A witness for the Prosecution in the Satapuala case, a Policeman, identified a defendant using the name of another defendant.

In the District Court yesterday Corporal Mose Lotomau pointed out defendant Lua Aiga as the defendant he identified as Fa’amanu.

Lua and Fa’amanu are amongst 18 Satapuala residents on trial for charges related to a road block of the main road through the village August last year.

Prosecutor Leinafo Taimalelagi asked the Corporal Lotomau several times if he knew Fa’amanu by another name, but the witness pointed out Lua as Fa’amanu.

Corporal Lotomau said he worked at the Faleolo Police post (up the road from Satapuala) and from that time knew Fa’amanu, who worked at Faleoloe International Airport.

The witness was asked to describe the colour of the clothes Fa’amanu wore in court.

He described the clothes that Lua Aiga wore.

It took a while for the Prosecution to untangle the identity issue.

The witness said “I know him as Fa’amanu,” referring to Lua.

In court yesterday Lua sat behind the lawyers’ bench while sat Fa’amanu in the dock with other defendants.

The dock could not accommodate the number of defendants.

As the witness kept pointing at Lua as Fa’amanu, the public started whispering amongst themselves.

Asked where he saw Fa’amanu on the day of the confrontation between residents and Police, Corporal Lotomau said, “On the rock beside the road at the second stonewall blockage at Satapuala.”

“He was just sitting doing nothing,” said the witness.

Both defense counsels Papali’i Li’o Masepa’u and Tuala Karanita Enari had no questions for the witness.

The trial continues today.

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