Yazaki Samoa discuss workers’ pay outs when shut down in 2017

Yazaki Samoa at the Vaitele closing down at the end of 2017

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER 2016: The General Manager of Yazaki Samoa Funefe’ai Oliva Va’ai says only those workers who will stay to when the company officially ends operations at the end of 2017 will have full benefits in their final pay outs.

The automotive wire harnessing operations is closing down after 25 years as the country’s biggest private employer. When it started, it employed more than 2,000 mainly women workers at various centres around the country.

After several years of trying to keep the company alive and the workers employed, the workforce has come down to 740 when the expected announcement was made Tuesday this week.

The company had injected millions of tālā into the economy not only through employment but it became the country’s biggest exporter.

A date for Yazaki’s 2017 closure has not been finalized and the company’s President, Craig O’Donohue, said Yazaki is fully committed to providing support for their employees as well as to provide support for the government’s growth strategy.

“Whilst the announcement may not be a favourable announcement, sad in some way, what we have asked our people to do is to remember how happy we should be for the experience that we have and we still have to go,” Mr O’Donohue said.

“But in doing that we’re going to do our best to support everybody with upskilling or reskilling, lifeskill training, opportunities offshore, if we can help.”

Mr O’Donohue said the company will be engaging their employees one on one to ask them what they want and what they expect from Yazaki.

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