Yazaki Samoa to celebrate milestone in closing ceremony


26 years of automotive harnessing at Yazaki Samoa closes 25 August 2017

By Natu Samuelu Tafunai

APIA, SAMOA: WEDNESDAY 24 MAY 2017: Samoa’s biggest private employer Yazaki Samoa is officially closing down 25 August this year.

“But this will not be a complete close to the operations,” says General Manager Funefeai Oliva Vaai.

“We will be hosting a big party for our employees and we are going to invite all our partners to join us on that day,” says Funefeai. “Then several hundreds will finish work while about two hundred will clean up and standby incase there’s anything needed from the current order.”

The closing ceremony will celebrate a milestone of more than 26 years since Yazaki Samoa has been established in the country.

Graig O’Donohue, Yazaki Samoa President says the closing of Yazaki Samoa is sad news but it is going to be a celebration on the achievements of the company.

“The Prime Minister himself says, we have to remain positive and celebrate our achievements,” he says.

“So we want to make sure that this is going to be a celebration for our people who are fully engaged and we are still committed to ensure that every one of our employees are given the best possible opportunity for a future beyond the wire production in Yazaki Samoa,” he added.

Funefeai Oliva Vaai says the 400 of the employees will end work on that day but the other 200 will continue on to incase there are any last works that needed be done.

Some of the Yazaki Samoa equipment will be handed over to the government of Samoa.

The company had been providing training for its employees in various trades and opportunities for them to have a career path after the company closes its doors.

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