Young woman jumps to her death


By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 15 AUGUST 2018: Police have confirmed the death of a 17 year old woman in the weekend from wounds sustained in a traffic incident at Solosolo village.

The woman allegedly jumped off a moving bus on Saturday morning a few minutes after boarding the bus.

According to police, the woman realised she had forgotten her mobile phone at home and asked the bus driver to stop the bus, to which the driver responded to wait.

However, the woman could not wait and jumped out hitting the ground hard, and when the driver realised what had happened, he stopped then rushed the woman to the hospital.

The driver also reported the incident to the police and was in police custody until Monday this week to await the outcome of the police investigation.

The police have also sought the Coroner’s permission to conduct a post mortem on the deceased.