Youth recycle project contributes to saving the environment


YCAN’s sweet chilli sauce in recycled bottles and cans displayed as part of the Environment Week

BY Vesia Ta’alefili

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 02 NOVEMBER 2016: A newly formed youth group is spearheading a movement to recycle rubbish as a means of saving the environment.

The Youth Climate Action Network Samoa (YCAN) group was established last year after the South Seas Island states Youth Conference, and the 12 young Samoans who attended returned home with the idea of creating a recycle project.

From tin cans, pallets, plastic bottles and other waste materials, YCAN has turned them into beautiful easy to do ornaments such as flower pots.

The recycled products such as jars used to bottle locally made sweet chilli sauce were displayed at their booth yesterday as part of the Environment Week.

YCAN says part of their projects include replanting mangroves and the forest that is carried out by their village volunteers. The group has also set up village groups that are involved in replanting areas affected by fire.

YCAN member Menime Alapati told the media that they collect tin cans, paint them for various uses.  YCAN hopes if their sweet chili sauce is a hit, then finding a market is the next step.

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Members of the YCAN displaying some of their recycled products an chilli sauce as part of the Environment Week