‘When Water Burns’ captivates local readers

Unumoe Esera

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The author, Lani Wendt Young (left) and Ezra Taylor signing for young readers

By Unumoe Esera

APIA: Tuesday 10th July, 2012: Author of Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi and Telesa, Lani Wendt Young has released a new book. Local fans of her novels turned out this afternoon at Samoa Stationery and Books to have their copies of When Water Burns signed and to also get autographs from Ezra Taylor who appears on the front cover of the book.

“It’s everything you want in a book. It gives you all the suspense and all the drama leaving you hungry for more,” said National University of Samoa student Leanne Fa’asavalu when describing Telesa, the prequel to When Water Burns.

“It’ more modern, it’s not what you’d expect. You expect her (character in the book) to be an old woman after hearing stories up at Aleisa but in the book she drives a jaguar,” she said.

Leanne recommends that Telesa can be read by people of different age groups.

“I recommend anyone to read the book, even my little cousins are reading it,” she said.

As for When Water Burns which she has just purchased a copy of today she estimated how long it would take for her to read it.

“Judging from the book, I think it will take me one day to read it. I’ll just read all day and not do any chores,” she laughed. When asked why she wanted to read the book she replied, “My aunty said it was good.”

“Lani’s talent and gift from God is very special, and the young children are blessed and fortunate to read her novels. Her talent as a writer is very important as it helps the children to write fluently in English and Samoan,” said the Head Librarian of the National University of Samoa, Avalogo Togi Tunupopo.

Avalogo also believes there is no age barrier when it comes to reading.

“You’re never too old to read. There’s something in there for everyone,” he said.

As for the author he has nothing but praise and admiration for her and her work.

“She is truly a Samoan/Pacific woman to be reckoned with. Her talent rocks and May God continue to enlighten her. I think I am the first person to get a copy from New Zealand,” he said.

He stated that he had already read Telesa and was half way through reading When Water Burns.

Fiti Leung Wai, Managing Director of Samoa Stationery and Books also commented on the popular book which is stocked at her store.

“Lani’s books are very entertaining and engaging. It is also contextualized and relevant to Samoa so that you connect with the book. Lani also has a lot of depth when she describes a scene – it becomes a real life picture.  I believe she has the gift of writing and that’s why I encourage her to write more and I promote her books,” she said.

Fiti says when she read Telesa she could not put it down. She said that 300 copies of When Water Burns is stocked at Samoa Stationery and Books at the moment and were selling fast.  When asked how many books had been sold so far she said that before they had even sold the book a lot of people were calling to ask if it was in stock already.

When Water Burns was officially launched at Aggie Grey’s Hotel and Bungalows in Apia yesterday.