Cabinet Approves Charter Flight to Bring Scholarship Students Home

APIA, SAMOA – 03 SEPTEMBER 2020: Cabinet has approved a charter flight to bring home the Samoan scholarship students in Australia, China, Japan and Papua New Guinea who have completed their studies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been charged to negotiate with Air New Zealand the use of a wide bodied aircraft for the flight.

The Charter will also be open to Samoan citizens who have been locked down in Australia and must adhere to the State of Emergency health conditions and requirements before they travel. The flight is scheduled at the end of September and the passengers will pay their own fares and expenses.

A separate flight will repatriate the RSE workers in Hawkes Bay and Bay of Plenty on 11 September and the rest of the workers will be returned home in October.

Arrangements are also being made to return the bodies of the Samoan student who died in Australia last month and an RSE worker who died in a car accident last week in New Zealand.

The amended State of Emergency orders also enforces a $2,000 tala fine for those who will breach the travel orders and incoming passengers will also pay the costs of their 14 days quarantine.

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