Church Minister Fined $2,000 for Breaching Quarantine Orders

Health CEO at border 1B
Health security at the Faleolo Airport for incoming repatriation flights.


APIA, SAMOA – 05 AUGUST 2020: The Police Superintendent, ‘Au’apa’au Logoitino Filipo has confirmed that a church minister has been fined $2000 talā for breaching the State of Emergency (SOE) quarantine orders.

He could not disclose the events that led to the quarantine breach as the police role pertains to executing the fines on those who breach the state of emergency orders.

“Any other issues should be referred to the Ministry of Health or the National Emergency Operations Centre,” he explained.

Talamua however has been told that the church minister’s request for his wife to be isolated at home was declined after health officials inspected the minister’s home.

The minister’s wife was on the repatriation flight from New Zealand last week and was transferred to be quarantined at the Faleolo Medical Centre where the church minister later went to visit his wife.

When the police were informed of the incident, they contacted the security workers at the Centre and ordered them not to let the church minister leave the premises until the health officials arrived.

Police said the church minister is now quarantined together with his wife at the Faleolo Medical Centre.


Police working together with quarantine Security

Since the repatriation flights started coming in, three separate incidents have been reported from different quarantine sites.

The incidents range from security breaches and consuming alcohol at the quarantine sites.

‘Au’apaau said police are working with the private security companies to ensure the security of the quarantine sites, not only for those quarantined but the safety of the whole country from the pandemic.

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