Female Officer investigated for abusive language on social media


BY Pai Mulitalo Ale

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 03 MARCH 2017: The Acting Police Commissioner, Leiataua Fata Aviga Salale has confirmed that a woman police officer is being investigated for use of abusive language on social media.

Leiataua said the matter has been referred to the Professional Standards Unit for investigation.

He said the officer who is based with the Police in Savaii, is not yet suspended as this will be based on the circumstances and evidence provided in the complaint.

The allegations against the officer came to light when a mother raised her concerns about the officer’s behaviour on social media.

The letter was addressed to the Police Commissioner and copied the Office of the Ombudsman and the Prime Minister.

The complainant is a Samoan mother who lives in Australia who has worked for the New South Wales police for twenty years.

The mother said she wrote when she discovered what she called a cyber disagreement between her 18 year old son and the officer on social media.

“Although it is common for social media disagreements to occur between individuals, my concern, both as a mother and as a public servant, is the use of insulting, threatening and invective foul language by an individual who seems to wear her authority as a police officer as a means to belittle, abuse and in some respects threaten others online,” the complainant wrote.

The complainant’s son and the officer were part of a group on Facebook called Palemene o Samoa.

She said she was concerned that the officer did not stop with her son but she continued to use the same language against other members of the group.