Group swimming at rivers, waterfalls and beaches banned

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Group swimming is now banned in popular places like the Papase’ea Sliding Rocks under the Covid-19 emergency orders. Image: samoatravel


APIA, SAMOA – 17 APRIL 2020: The emergency ban on public gatherings of no more than five people has been extended to include any gathering at water pools, waterfalls, rivers, beaches; and any other kinds of gatherings in areas where the public has access to.

The amendment was signed by the Head of State this evening.

Opening Hours for supermarkets:

(a)    6.00am-6.00pm from Mondays – Saturdays;

(b)   3.00pm-6.00pm for Sundays;
(c) small shops may operate normal hours.

Fishing boats will again be denied entry effective 18th April 2020 with exemption for deep sea fishing vessels for offloading, refueling and supplies up to 26 April 2020.

Any other vessel’s entry will be decided by Cabinet upon urgency and necessity.