Hustle & Bustle of our Community

Under bright Saturday morning sunshine, some locally made products on sale at the Saturday market


By Alyiana & Joan


In the middle of our concerns with Covid-19 and the tsunami information through the media regarding the controversial three Bills, life has to still go on and the community is starting to come back to it’s usual hustle and bustle.

This Saturday morning market is a cute, friendly and welcoming community selling their homemade or home grown products. It is a range from Mele with her home grown coffee to Brigitta with her home baked muffins and Sarona with her tropical fresh honey. One wonders if Sarona actually stands there and at least bottles her honey in the middle of her busy life as a law practitioner. You would find esi at $1.00, variety of jams made of local fruits, variety of spicy sauces from local fruits and vegetables for cooking, and even home baked bread.

Promoting Sarona’s organic honey

The market is already like a small community where most of those selling already know each other well and share wisdom with the improvements of their products. Even the customers seem connected to a few sellers and enjoy going through the interesting products. Standing there yourself going through the different products, you could hear a few “wows” and “ahs” and other human sounds of expression to the creativity of some of these sellers with their homemade products.

The feeling of community is strong whilst walking through these stalls with people laughing and sharing inspirations for their exciting stuff being sold. It is a fun market to visit on a Saturday morning when you are free.

For those of us introverts who have no idea of what happens in our own community on the weekends, this Saturday morning market is on the beach road right in front of Bella’s. It usually opens at 7am to 12noon. You have to be quick though because quite a few stalls sell off all their goodies by 10am.


Alyiana & Joan