Iraqi Money & Gun Handbook Confiscated at Faleatiu Police raid

Lagi Keresoma

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Iraqi money & a gun handbook Police confiscated from Faleatiu in this morning’s raid.


By Lagi Keresoma


APIA, SAMOA – 24 APRIL 2020: What is $145,000 dinars – the official tender of Iraq doing at the hands of three different villagers of Faleatiu village?

This is one of the interesting finds in the latest police raid this morning at Faleatiu village – a black spot with a long drawn history with police confrontation over the last 40 years.

Police Raid: Faleatiu & Fasitoo-Tai

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egoin Keil has a lot of questions on his mind about the money and says he will be seeking the assistance of the regional Pacific Transnational Crime Network and international police networks such as Interpol if they “can join the dots.”

Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egoin Keil is smiling but is wondering what is still out there the police have yet to find.

“For sure, police have seized many foreign currencies in previous raids, but this is the first they have encountered money from the Middle East.”

The total amount of Iraqi money confiscated from 3 different people at Faleatiu village is $145,000 Dinars.

Gun Handbook and illegal Firearms

The Police Commissioner is also astounded to find a Gun Handbook that seems to be well studied and illegal firearms he as not seen before here in Samoa.

The book has pictures, definitions and the caliber of various weapons from sniper rifles to small handguns.

“The only reason you study these manuals is either you are in the military or you are up to no good,” said Fuiavailili.

One of the makeshift guns and ammunition the police confiscated.

“You wonder why somebody would study guns, and that’s a worry. If these are things we found, it makes you wonder what else is out there,” he said.

A 9 mm handgun with the fully loaded clipper that police will also seek assistance to trace as it’s a very dangerous weapon.

Also found is a modified shot gun with ammunition Fuiavalili said are illegal weapons and ammunition that can only be found in the military.

The 9mm gun police needs to trace the model and manufacturer

The items were confiscated in this morning’s raid at Faleatiu village where police caught and brought in two brothers of four men wanted for serious crimes.

The brothers are Iolamo and Fotu Mo’a. Two others the police want are Sene Asomaliu and escaped convict Pati Chong Nee who has been at large for a year.