Jacinda Arden returns in a Labour Party landslide victory

Jacinda Arden is forming her next government after she led Labour to its biggest victory in 50 years.

New Zealand has returned Jacinda Arden as Prime Minister in a Labour Party landslide victory winning 64 seats and making Labour the first party able to govern alone since MMP was introduced in 1996.

Speaking to media in Auckland this afternoon, Ardern said work on forming the next government has begun and she had met with senior members of her team to work through a timetable to form government.

She said there was a clear mandate to form a government before the results were finalised and she had spoken to the governor general to confirm she is able to form a government.

Meanwhile, her former coalition partner, 75-year-old Winston Peters has bailed out of politics after four decades, following an election night that only saw it gather 2.7 percent of the vote.


Defeated National Leader, Judith Collins said the National Party will make a robust opposition. Meanwhile, Act on 8 percent will get 10 MPs and the Green Party on 7.8 percent will also bring in 10 MPs.

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