Marist Golf Club Awards Scholarships

The recipient of the scholarship and overall winner of the men’s division, Fala Koroseta. Photo: Marist BIG

The Taula Marist Twilight Golf Series III has come to a close with the announcement of the Marist B.I.G. Golf Club scholarships to 3 promising young golfers.

The recipients are twin brothers Fala and Siefi Koroseta and Petelo Atonio. The scholarships are worth around $4,500 tala and will fund 2021 school fees at St Joseph’s College, stationery & uniform. Two of the scholarships are funded by Marist BIG, whilst one is funded by SSAB.

Initially, only two scholarships were to be awarded. But SSAB came on board when its CEO Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai heard that only one of the twins was getting a scholarship. According to Tofilau, “I have twin sons who are always together. That is why SSAB stepped in to offer a third scholarship as twins should never be separated, especially if they are young.”

The scholarship recipients are the top students of the Marist Golf Junior Development Program. The program is run by golf professionals, Asiata Van Wright and Bob M. Maifea.

Some of the Marist Golf Junior Development members during the Taula Marist B.I.G Mid-year Golf Tournament held in July this year. Photo: Marist BIG.

“We want to develop the sport of golf and eventually win Gold for Samoa. The icing on the cake will be these promising young golfers becoming professional golfers and be able to provide for their families.”

Paulo Stowers, Captain of Marist B.I.G. Golf Club added that, “To be competitive in the international arena, our golfers need to be mentally strong. That is why we are sending these young golfers to St Joseph’s College to educate their minds, souls and spirit.”

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