MaugaLui – Does everything happen for a reason?

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By Alyiana & Joan


Happy belated new year to everyone!

It is the 31st day of March 2020, and we had just completed all our financial statements for the year for tax returns. Never did we think that this is where life would take us, being businesswomen and crunching those numbers. It gives us a whole new appreciation for our fellow accountants, the patience required to make sense of all these numbers!!!

This New Year had opened with a bang. First,was the cyclone scares, the heavy rains and strong winds at night time. Then came the coronavirus worldwide pandemic. This stalks us at the shadows of the measles epidemic.

Our last article of the year 2019 discussed whether there was a reason for the horror of the measles epidemic to have visited our very small island. As our open mindedness to remain positive came up with the belief that everything has to have happened for a reason, could it be that God or the universe was preparing us for something far worse that was coming?

When the Ministry of Health reacted by setting out restrictions for those travelling into the country at the very early stage when most countries had not reacted yet and before the first New Zealand case was confirmed, many thought could this be an over-reaction from our Health? Those who were inconvenienced may have thought that we are panicking unnecessarily.

However, looking at the rate of discovered confirmed cases in New Zealand and how fast this pandemic is taking over the world, the quick reaction by our Health may have saved many lives within our country.

“The measles had given us enough of a scare to avoid making the same mistake again in reacting too late. Better safe than sorry is the approach now taken and we probably have the measles scare to thank for that, as tragic as that was.”

Of course, there have been bumps on the road to ensuring our safety. We wouldn’t be Samoa if there were no bumps along the way for a humorous story to tell.

When one of the first health travel restrictions order came out, we noted that it included a warning that anyone who comes into the country in non-compliance of the requirements is to be deported. Of course in reading that we laughed and said good luck in deporting Samoan Citizens, as common sense would tell you that you cannot deport your own citizen. Therefore we concluded that the warning was only for non-Samoan citizens.

But then, with a stunned expression and silent reaction, we received news that a Samoan citizen was deported. Health followed through its warning. In hearing that sort of thing, you don’t know whether to laugh or be outraged that holding a Samoan citizenship means nothing to your country!!!

At this time also we were due to go for a long awaited vacation that was booked a year ago, and we were in the process of considering cancelling.

So, in addition to the growing spread of the virus worldwide, hearing that we were deporting our own citizens confirmed our decision to cancel given the extreme measures now in place and we did not want to risk getting stuck in a foreign country!”

In any event, with these extreme reactions at an early stage, Samoa may have in fact been saved. Of course, there are the bumps along the road requiring extra patience from the many in our community in this road to avoid what is happening all over the world.

We keep on hearing of the great economic packages put together by the New Zealand Government in taking care of its people while we in Samoa are still holding our breaths and waiting patiently for our Government to come up with something.

MaugaLui has learned the importance of patience, especially when crunching those numbers for our financials, and we think that this may be the key word for everyone during this time. PATIENCE !!!

Patience is simple, dignified and a beauty on its own. Something that we hope MaugaLui also shows in our designs.

Take care everyone!

Alyiana & Joan