Missing farmer found, fisherman still missing after three months

The Tiavi Falls that neighbours Siumu farmlands

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 01 MAY 2015: A farmer who went missing two days ago at Siumu was found this morning while a fisherman from Falealupo is still missing after three months.

The farmer went missing on Tuesday and was only found yesterday morning when the police rescue team and members of the village search resumed.

He is under observation and the Poutasi district hospital, said police spokesperson Superintendent Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu

The man was believed to have worked on his plantation on Tuesday but when he failed to return home, police were alerted.

The search started Tuesday night and the whole of Wednesday until he was found yesterday morning.

Police say it is a mystery how the missing man was found on the same spot they had covered three to four times on their search.

He is now recovering well at the hospital.

As for the Falealupo fisherman, Alosio Sulu, it is now three months since he has disappeared after a fishing trip.

Su’a said the police search for Alosio was called off after a month of searching but the village and family continued their own search.

Su’a said Alosio’s family has informed the police that Alosio, is the third person of their family to go missing while fishing and were all presumed dead at sea.