Planned suicide – a serious concern for police

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Police Superintendent Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu talking to the reporters yesterday

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: THURSDAY 30 APRIL 2015: The death of a 48 year old man from what appeared to be a well-planned suicide is of serious concern to the Police.

Superintendent Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said in a press conference yesterday that more police efforts will go to working together with other associations to combat the rapid increase in the number of suicides.

Four people took their own lives in April alone. “It’s a frightening number,” Su’a said.

In past cases, suicide always happened on the “spur of the moment”, however, the concern now was the way the deceased planned his death.

The man is married with four children and according to Su’a, he prepared for his death.

“After dressing up in white, he took a folded ladder inside the room and used it as an object to execute his suicide plan,” said Su’a.

He was found hanging from the ladder all dressed up in white.

Police are investigating the reason behind this planned suicide, said Su’a.

Su’a said no post mortem is needed as the cause of death has already been determined.

“This is the fourth suicide in April and it’s a sad trend we are heading to,” he said.