Police Concerned over increasing alcohol related violent incidents

Police Commissioner A2
The Commissioner of Police Fuiavailili Egon Keil is concerned about rising alcohol related violent incidents.


APIA, SAMOA – 14 AUGUST 2020: The rapid increase in alcohol related violent incidents has moved the Commissioner of Police to meet with the Samoa Liquor Board in search for solutions.

Fuiavailili Egon Keil told Talamua that far too many alcohol related violent incidents have resulted in deaths, domestic violence, traffic accidents or unlawful entrance that have been recorded.

The Police Commissioners’ concern is the easy access of locally made alcohol that are cheap and to the young people.

Last Friday, Fuiavailili again met with the Liquor Board and again relayed his concerns over the recent incident at Fiaga where a 19 year old boy died.

He said what he found disturbing was that the deceased and the two men accused of the murder were drinking a new brand of locally made Rover vodka.

“The deceased’s hands and feet were tied as he was beaten to death by the two accused,” said the Commissioner.

Rover Vodka
The Police Commissioner shared his concerns with the Liquor Board.

He is concerned that police had to deal with many incidents stemming from another locally made beverage Olioli Wine which was heatedly debated in Parliament last month and now this new vodka.

The Olioli Wine is a product of a Chinese company Skyline, but Fuiavailili is not sure who produces the Rover vodka.

It was one of the reasons he took up the matter with the Liquor Board as he was concerned that these strong alcoholic drinks were easily accessible to young people to buy and drink.

“We have seen people lose control and often tend not to remember what happened. They are remorseful the next day but it was too late as the damage had been done,” he said.

He had already advised the Liquor Board that there are too many incidents involving alcohol particularly alcohol made and produced in Samoa.

The Commissioner also said that there have been far too many issues related to alcohol and police will do anything to enforce the law on these issues.

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