Police Confiscate 9 Illegal Rifles & Handguns in Night Raid at Faleula-uta

The illegal guns police confiscated in last night’s raid at Faleula-uta.


APIA, SAMOA – 7 AUGUST 2020:  Police confiscated 9 illegal riffles, 7 handguns, 22 live ammunitions, glass pipes used to consume methamphetamine, a car, 4 hard drives/flash drives and mobiles phones from a raid at Faleula –uta yesterday evening.

No drugs were found but a weighing machine used to weigh drugs before packaging and distribution was also confiscated .

Police have arrested a known criminal as the suspect in this case and will appear in Court on 24 August 2020. His name is being suppressed.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil said they have not finalized the charges but confirmed that the charges are mounting up.

He also said it would be interesting to know the contents inside the hard drives.

“The rifles confiscated are all unregistered and very dangerous, and they may look old and rusty, but they work and they kill,” said Fuiavailili.

Police are familiar with the area as they have conducted previous raids on the same house and arrested the same suspect on similar offences.

“We have arrested him three times, ended up in Court and prison, but when he comes out, he goes back to reoffending,” said Fuiavailili.

One of the pistols was found inside a car and the Commissioner is concerned that these small pistols can easily be hidden in a bag, car or anywhere and police are doing everything to rid Samoa of these illegal arms.

“Where there are drugs, there are always weapons, and when these two mix, it does not go well and people die,” said Fuiavailili.

The pistols, small handguns and ammunition the police confiscated.

Knock it off- well find you!

The Commissioner send out a clear message to whoever is involved in these activities to knock it off now, we will not rest until this is cleaned up.”

When asked if there are others involved, Fuiavailili said the suspect was the only one connected to the confiscated materials.

“But these people are smart and police have to think intelligently and look at other locations too,” he said.

He believes there is a reason why a gun is around and there is a ring of individuals involved in these activities.

Failed legal system

Fuiavailili believes something is not right with the current legal system especially if the same person who has already been dealt with by the law many times.

“I don’t know if it’s us or prosecution or the Court that is failing, but leaders should come up with a way to address if the same person reoffends after serving prison time and we have to come up with another solution to change a person’s behaviour,” he said.

Police is looking at any solution to address the issue and there is a possibility of another gun amnesty to get people to bring in illegal arms before the law moves in.

All arms confiscated yesterday will be destroyed once the court case is over.

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