Police Identify People in Video of Young Man Being Assaulted

Police Commissioner A2
The Police Commissioner, Fuiavalili Egon Keil.


APIA, SAMOA – 12 AUGUST 2020: Police have identified some of the people in the video of a young man being tied and assaulted and are working on locating where they live.

“We know the victim, we have the identity of those involved in the video of a young man tied and beaten at the Fish Market, and we are trying to locate them and put the case together before we make any arrests,” said Police Commissioner Fuiavalili Egon Keil.

He confirmed that the victim had already lodged a complaint against the accused.

He said it’s one thing to arrest anyone but another to prove a case so police are treading carefully to ensure that a thorough investigation before the file reaches the Attorney General’s office and the Court he said.

The video of the assault went viral before it was taken down and police are also looking for the person who filmed the incident as a witness.

“It appears the person who took the video was obviously involved, but could have stopped it or stepped around the corner and call the police,” said Fuiavalili.

Asked if that person could be charged with accessory to the offence, Fuiavailili said it depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

He also voiced his disappointment at the uploading and sharing of the video on social media.

“Samoa does not need this so please do not put such videos on social media but hand it over to police to investigate,” said Fuiavailili.

He said it’s not a good image for Samoa, the society or victim but only enhances it.

“We don’t need that negativity. We want a safe and happy Samoa and such incidents rarely happen but sharing it makes Samoa looks like a violent place,” he said.

Similar method used in the Fiaga murder

Police had been investigating a murder at Fiaga in the weekend and although it is not connected to the video incident however, the methods used in both incidents are the same.

Fuiavailili said the 19 year old victim of the Fiaga incident was also tied up and beaten to death by the two accused who are now under police custody.

“The victims’ hands and legs were tied and was brutally attacked and locally brewed vodka was involved,” he said.

Whilst the victim in the video lived to file a complaint, the victim at the Fiaga attack died making it the first murder case this year.

Police is also investigating a murder in the Fathers’ day weekend where a young man died from an alcohol related incident where he was reportedly run over by a truck after a fight broke out.

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