Police Install Bullet Proof Doors at Main Headquarters

Police Main Entrance 1B
The main entrance of the Police Headquarters in Apia.


APIA, SAMOA – 04 AUGUST 2020: Bullet proof doors have been installed at the main entrance to Police main headquarters in Apia.

Inside sources told Talamua that the glass of the main door was broken due to an incident over the weekend.

Sources said the incident involved a family from one of the villages on the eastern side of Apia who were not happy with how police handled their matter.

Sources said an angry member of the family went outside and threw rocks that damaged the glass door.

Police Main Entrance 2
Employees of Advance Builders Company installing the bullet proof doors.

Workers of the Advance Builders Company were installing the 30 millimetres thick bullet proof doors yesterday.

A Company representative said the whole front entrance that comprise of double doors and the single door that was damaged have been replaced with bullet proof doors.

He also said that the new doors have already been tested and the glass withstood a bullet shot.


Police Main Entrance 3 Test
One of the bulletproof doors being installed that withstood a bullet shot.

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