Police Investigate Video of a Young Man Being Assaulted

Police Superintendent ‘Au’apa’au Logoitino Filipo.


APIA, SAMOA – 07 AUGUST 2020: Police have launched a full investigation into a video that’s gone viral on social media of a young man being tied and beaten by several people.

Police Superintendent ‘Au’apa’au Logoitino Filipo confirmed the investigation saying police have identified some of the faces in the video and the investigating team have gone out to the field to confirm the location where the abuse took place.

In the video, the young man is heard crying out for help as his feet were tied with a rope while others assaulted him.

The victim is reported to be alive and the video has since been removed.

According to ‘Au’apa’au, these deplorable actions should not be shared on social media because of the seriousness of what is being done to another human being and the actions could be imitated by others.

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