Ports Authority propose huge fee rises

Alan Ah Mu

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Palusalue Fa’apo II and Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi urge Cabinet not to accept SPA’s proposed fee hikes.

Palusalue Fa’apo II and Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi urge Cabinet not to accept SPA’s proposed fee hikes.

Alan Ah Mu

APIA: FRIDAY 23 AUGUST 2013: The Opposition has rung alarm bells about huge fee rises proposed by Samoa Ports Authority.

Opposition leader Palusalue Fa’apo II urged Cabinet to ignore the rises when they come before it for consideration.

Because companies affected will pass on the extra expense to the public and cause the cost of living to shoot upwards, Palusalue predicted.

SPA owes an estimated $200m incurred through reckless spending especially on such ill-advised projects like the revival of Satitoa Wharf at Aleipata, he said.

Some $50 million was poured into the wharf which to date has not returned a sene of income.

When he was Minister of SPA it was one of the top earners amongst state bodies with $10 million in investment funds, said the leader of Tautua Samoa Party.

The way Tautua party sees it the rises are a desperate attempt by SPA to pay its debts.

Because they now function through overdraft cheques require bank approval, Palusalue said.

Tautua party MP, Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi doubts any company can afford the proposed rises.

“Secondly who pays for these increases?” said Lealailepule.

You and me, he said.

Ninety percent of goods that enter the country do so via the wharves, Lealailepule said.

He said inter-island ferry fares are bound to increase.

Tautua Samoa’s solution: for Government to give SPA a capital injection.

That will save the public from being hit by the big fee rises proposed.

The Opposition released a document which lists the new fees proposed by SPA.

The document says:


Rental fees assessment at a current market rates:
a)     Open Commercial area @ $4.00 per sq footage
b)    Cover area Commercial @ $20.00 per sq footage
c)     Retail Shops @ $15.00 per sq footage
d)    Shops at Mulifanua @ $8.00 per square footage

Matautu-tai Shipping Agencies on the Wharf area (Offices)

                                                                        Current            Proposed
Samoa Shipping Services (130 sq ft)         $1,901.00         $2,600.00
Betham Bros Enterprises (208 sq ft)         $2,160.00        $4,160.00
Pacific Forum Line (192 sq ft)                     $2,419.00        $3,840.00
TransAm Samoa (208 sq ft)                        $2,592.00        $4,160.00
Silva Transport (208 sq ft)                          $2,152.00        $2,200.00
Annual Rental Fees Before VAGST        $11,224.00     $16,960.00


Matautu-tai Retailer Shop & Take Out
Peni Faletolu (266 sq ft)                              $1, 277.00    $3, 990.00
Sione Bryce                                                     $784.00        $784.00
Taxi Stand                                                      $                     $304.35
                                                                        $                   $5, 078.35


Domestic Wharf (Apia)
Immigration (182 sq ft)                             $                         $3,640.00
Quarantine (140 sq ft)                              $                         $2,800.00
Customs (140 sq ft)                                   $                         $2,800.00
Bank (140 sq ft)                                         $                         $2,800.00
                                                                      $                         $12,040.00


SIFA (Apia)
Building                                                         $                          $61,900.00
Open Area                                                     $                         $10,578.00
$                          $72,478.00


Mulifanua Shopping Complex at $8.00 per sq ft
Faafouina Tinei (798 sq ft)                     $5,040.00           $6,384.00
Vincent White (798 sq ft)                        $5,040.00           $6,384.00
Faapupula Misa (798 sq ft)                     $5,040.00           $6,384.00
                                                                    $15,120.00          $19,152.00


Port Charges and Cargo Dues
Apia Main Wharf
Cargo Dues (Currently at 0.10 per ton)

$1.00 per ton                 1 to 500 tons

0.50 Sene per ton        501 to 1,000 tons

0.25 Sene per ton        1,001 and Over

This charge is currently at the rate of 0.10 per tonnage

Port charges are to be increased by 25% at the rate of 5% per year for five years.

Wharfage Charges on Contanerise cargo increase by 15%

Port service charges increase by 15%


Stevedoring annual licence

Stevedoring Companies are currently paying SPA an annual fee of $1,000 each.


Pacific Forum Line Stevedoring                        $1,000.00       $21,000.00
Apia Stevedoring (TransAm)                            $1,000.00        $21,000.00
Betham Brothers Enterprises Stevedoring    $1,000.00        $21,000.00
                                                                             $3,000.00       $63,000.00

An increased (sic) of 2,000%


Other Trucking Companies  

Silva Transport                                                  $300.00               $250.00 per ton
Lee Transport                                                    $300.00               $250.00 per ton
SMS Trucks                                                        $300.00               $250.00 per ton
Ah Likis                                                               $300.00              $250.00 per ton
BlueBird’s Trucks                                              $300.00              $250.00 per ton
All Others                                                           $300.00              $250.00 per ton


All trucks that are currently using the wharf as a component of their work nature are now required to register with the Authority at an annual fee of $250 per ton per annum.  Also note that application of forkhoist is $35 per ton per annum.


Samoa Shipping Corporation:
Passengers levy                                                    $0.50                 $3.00
Cargo wharfage                                                    $                          $5.00 per ton


Annual Port Charges     GRT
Lady Samoa II x 2           867                            $17,006.00          $42,665.00
Lady Samoa III x 2         1045                           $20,210.00          $50,675.00
Samoa Express x 2          340                            $7,520.00             $18,950.00
Fotu O Samoa x 2            299                            $6,782.00             $17,105.00
Lady Filifilia                     60                              $ 1,540.00              $5,025.00
Ex-MV Tokelau                185                           $                                 $5,988.00
                                                                             $53,058.00         $140,408.00


Home Trade Vessels current rates are to be increased by 150%

Lady Naomi is to be charged per Voyage at the international standard rates


This bridge is now in service at the following rates;
Tare weight only                                             $45.00
Truck with container TEU                             $75.00
FEU                                                                    $145.00


Any other weighing (Special Cases) can be done at a minimum of $60.000