Repatriation Flights every 3 weeks under Amended State of Emergency Orders

Returning Samoan residents arriving at Faleolo Airport on one of the repatriation flights and heading to 14 days quarantine.

APIA, SAMOA – 07 AUGUST 2020: All international travel to and from Samoa by plane are ceased except to repatriate returning residents every 3 weeks and to bring in cargo every week until October 2020.

These were among the amendments to the COVID 19 State of Emergency Orders issued s of 05 August 2020.

Air ambulances are exempted subject to crew aboard complying with COVID-19 screening requirements approved by the Director General of Health.

Travel to Samoa from Fiji via Fiji Airways is permitted for:

  • returning residents of Samoa which includes students studying in Fiji and employees of Companies based in Fiji and
  • returning residents of American Samoa which include students, studying in Fiji and doctors that are onward bound for American Samoa upon arrival; and
  • for travellers travelling to American Samoa, they must depart for American Samoa as soon as they arrive in Samoa and therefore not subject to the requirements of quarantine under clause (4)(b)(ii) but are still subject to other medical clearance approved by the Director General.

Travel is permitted to Samoa from New Zealand to repatriate Tokelau residents:

  • to commence only when borders of Tokelau are close to being opened in the month of October;
  • travellers are subject to be quarantined for 14 days;
  • the cost of quarantine is to be borne by the Government of Tokelau.

In addition, the amended SOE allows the Huanan Fishery vessel to enter Samoan waters in accordance with the following:

  • to dock at the Matautu Wharf to prepare for departure from the Airport on 17 August 2020 on an Air New Zealand flight approved by Cabinet; and
  • to allow the offloading of crew members in extreme need of medical treatment; and
  • crew members are subject to medical clearance approved by the Director General of Health.

For fishing boats under (7)(b) the following apply:

(a) a maximum of 4 boats may dock at Matautu Wharf for not more than 48 hours for the offloading of fish and restocking of the  supplies before leaving Samoa; and

(b) medical and quarantine requirements are to be complied with; and

(c) no crew member is to leave the boat; and

(d) boat schedules must be submitted to the Samoa Ports Authority (SPA); Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF); Ministry of Police and Prisons Services (MOPPS) and the Ministry of Health (MOH); and

(e) the date of departure from the last port, or the exchange of any crew members whilst at sea, must not be less than 28 days, before arrival at Apia wharf; and

  • notification of arrival date must be received by the relevant authorities (MAF and SPA) 5 days prior; and
  • there shall be no exchange of crew members whilst as sea.

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